The party of fiscal responsibility isn’t who you think it is

1980-1992 Republicans: Increase the deficit year over year because it’s important for national security and tax cuts. Ends in a major recession
1992 – 2000 Congressional Republicans suddenly become deficit hawks. Even as the White House COMPLETELY ELIMINATES the budget deficit and turns a surplus for the first time since before World War II, Republicans somehow argue that they are the fiscal responsible party
2000 – 2008 Republicans: Bring back the budget deficit to finance 2 wars -and a tax cut. Completely wrecks the economy, bloats annual deficits to higher amounts than ever.
2008 – 2016: Congressional Republicans suddenly become deficit hawks. Even as White House cuts deficit in HALF from 2008 levels, Republics argue they are the fiscally responsible party
2017: Congressional Republicans push a bill which will increase the budget deficit by 1.5 TRILLION DOLLARS all the while increasing taxes on everybody who makes less than $50,000 a year and most people under $80,000 a year, all so they can put in place massive corporate and rich people tax cuts.
2018: Congressional Republicans will become deficit hawks again and vote to cut or eliminate social security and medicare because we can’t sustain 1.5 trillion dollar deficits
Given decade of evidence, who is the party of fiscal responsibility?

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