1980-1992 Republicans: Increase the deficit year over year because it’s important for national security and tax cuts. Ends in a major recession   1992 – 2000 Congressional Republicans suddenly become deficit hawks. Even as the White House COMPLETELY ELIMINATES the budget deficit and turns a surplus for the first time since before World War, Read More

Book piracy and me

Posted on March 29, 2013 by

  Over the last couple weeks, I’ve seen some interesting Facebook groups and pages pop up, and the thing they have in common is that they had hundreds or in some cases thousands of members, and they had uploaded thousands of epub books for free download. Books which the authors hadn’t authorized to be, Read More

Dirty Little Secret

Posted on June 21, 2012 by

Depressed man sitting on lake

So this afternoon I took a brief break from writing to check out blogs I follow, and I happened upon a post from Dan Pierce (Single Dad Laughing) called That’s Just Depressing. And it hit me that I needed to post a response. Why? Because even though I’ve danced around the issue in some, Read More

Girl with gun to head

  The other night, I took my son to an information session at the Doubletree Hotel in Roswell, Georgia.  We took Georgia 400 up to Holcomb Bridge Road, where we passed the apartments where I’d lived with my parents from 1980 to 1982 or so.  As we turned on to Holcomb Bridge, I looked, Read More

Destroyed truck near Basra, Iraq

“I’ll tell you the truth, Sheriff. We charged across Iraq and killed everything in our goddamn path, we left a trail of burning vehicles and broken bodies hundreds of miles long. If it moved, then it was the enemy, and we killed our fair share of civilians too. And you people sat back here, Read More

So, I’m revisiting this topic.  Why? It’s come up in conversation a couple of times recently, first of all. Second, in looking at the statistics on my blog, I realized that over the course of the last several years, this has been the single most viewed blog entry on my site.  Daily visits with, Read More