Hi friends, Just a heads up that the Chinese translation of A Song for Julia is complete and it will shortly go on sale on Chinese ebook sites around the globe! I don’t have a larger copy of the cover image yet, but here is what I have ūüôā   JustRemember to Breathe is, Read More

I would never suggest that my friends who are lifelong Republicans abandon their principles. I *do* suggest that the Republican Party already abandoned them, leaving behind those who actually believe in small government, low taxes and national security. I think if you have any doubt about the difference, I would suggest that you -really-, Read More

An old friend of mine recently shared a propaganda post with the tired old theme that there’s no different between political parties, that Democrats and Republicans are the same, that you can’t trust any of them. ¬† I agree that some politicians are untrustworthy. Some are liars. But to suggest that the political parties, Read More

1980-1992 Republicans: Increase the deficit year over year because it’s important for national security and tax cuts. Ends in a major recession ¬† 1992 – 2000 Congressional Republicans suddenly become deficit hawks. Even as the White House COMPLETELY ELIMINATES the budget deficit and turns a surplus for the first time since before World War, Read More

I know we’re all supposed to genuflect with our hero-worship of veterans and senior generals etc etc etc, but John Kelly’s latest comments have made me lose respect. ¬† Let’s break this out a little. ¬† The Civil War was, in fact, about not wanting to compromise. ¬† What, exactly, where they unwilling to, Read More

Hi friends, I got word this week that the new Chinese translation of Just Remember to Breathe is available, bringing the number of languages this books is available in up to seven.¬† Seven languages!¬† It’s hard for me to believe!¬† I love the look of the Chinese language cover too.   English –¬†Amazon¬†Nook¬†Kobo¬†iBooks¬†Google¬†Audible German, Read More