Winter Flower Now Available in print editions

After a more than three year wait, my newest book Winter Flower is now available in hardcover and paperback (ebooks release one week from today but are available for preorder).

This book is different — at a little over 165,000 words, it’s the longest book I’ve ever written, and honestly, it’s the book I’m proudest of. I’ve worked on this for four years, and I believe you’ll love it just as much as I do. 

Early reviews are way better than I could have hoped for! Here’s what some readers are saying:

Sheehan-Miles’s writing, as always, is brilliant. I love this author’s voice and writing style. There’s an honesty to his storytelling which I think is why he is so good at conveying emotions and is why, with every book he’s written, including this one, I find myself crying while reading his words.
– Feeding My Addiction Book Reviews

I feel emotionally wrecked in the best way.
– Bethany, Talkbooks Blog

Charles Sheehan-Miles is one of the best authors I have read. He has an incredible gift of creating characters who the readers immediately embrace as their own.
– Saucy Southern Readers Blog

This book is just really damn good!
– Christopher Gerrib, Author of The Night Watch

This story sucked me in, captivated me, broke my heart, then put it back together. It is hard, realistic, gritty, and suspenseful, but it is tempered by hope and determination…a powerful and emotional read that is also both hopeful and inspiring.
– Kim B of Reviews by Tammy & Kim, Goodreads Review

Here’s the cover and the details:
From the bestselling author of Just Remember to Breathe and The Last Hour, a shocking and poignant story of a family on the brink of destruction and the transformational events that could bring them back together—or tear them apart.
Every day, Cole Roberts reminds himself that life wasn’t always this bleak. He was once passionately in love with Erin. Sam used to be an artistic and lively kid. They hadn’t always lived in a shabby two-room house in rural Alabama, where he runs a mediocre restaurant in the middle of nowhere.

That was before Brenna disappeared. It was before Cole lost his job and they lost their home.

Every day it gets worse. Erin drinks wine out of the bottle and spends her days with a tormented expression, searching the web for signs of their daughter. Sam hides in his room and rarely speaks. And Cole works himself to a stupor for a paycheck a fraction of the size of his old salary.  
Until one day a phone call changes everything.

winter flower is at once a tragic tale of the disappearance of a child; struggling with gender identity; of the dark world of sex-trafficking and the transformation and healing of a family. Sheehan-Miles’s longest novel delves into the depths of family life—and how, sometimes, we can heal and find restoration.
Genre: Literary Fiction

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