Off to the editor

Book 1 of Insurgent is off to the editor and a small circle of beta readers.

Hoping to swing right into the second episode.  I have the second draft of the entire thing written, so now its a matter of polishing and finalizing each episode, getting them to the editor and putting it out.  Will go to print when all six episodes are out and finalized.

Releasing the book in a serialized format is obviously a bit  of an experiment.  I’m doing it primarily so I can begin getting content out NOW, rather than waiting another six months while continuing to work through the entire book.  Hoping this will develop momentum both for me and the readers.

Question for readers (at least those of you who do ebooks): would you likely pick up the 99 cent serialized episodes, knowing that there will be cliffhangers and roughly 1 – 2 month waits between each? Or hold off until the completed edition is available? Why?

  1. Barrie Suddery

    I’d rather wait until the whole thing is released as one e-book simply because I can read it all the way through without having to load up another part.

  2. Mike Slone

    I would buy the episodes. First of all it’s cheap. Second of all I have a Kindle. Third of all Insurgent kicks ass so far. Fourth of all, I’ve been hanging off that cliff ever since you released a few podcasts and a few bits of draft.

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