Insurgent Episode 1 back from the editor

So, Episode 1 of Insurgent is back from the editor, and I’ve received a lot of detailed and excellent feedback from beta readers. ¬†Working through the changes now, and I expect to release it for Kindle and other ebook readers by Christmas.

A few more people have contacted me about being beta readers, but it was too late to get you in this round, but I’ll be in touch soon about episode 2.

  1. Digital Wrangler

    Glad to hear it, I loved Republic, and I read the first few chapters of Insurgent when you had them on-line, but decided I wanted to read it all at once so I’ve been waiting on this. Gonna get the e-book for sure, but would also like a audiobook version if you’re willing to do it.

  2. Mike The Slone

    Woo hoo!

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