Insurgent Prologue (1)

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She no longer knew how long she had been in the cell. It was a tiny cage, not much bigger than the bathroom in the apartment she could barely remember. This was nothing like that bathroom. In fact, it was nothing like anything she’d ever imagined, even in her darkest nightmares. The walls received, Read More

I’ve never been one for New Years resolutions.  Quit smoking? Yeah, right.  However, a New Years action I can deal with.  Here’s the plan: starting today, I’m going to be giving away the ebook version of Republic for free. No more sample chapters, partial books that end in the middle, none of that. You can, Read More

There’s a great piece in this morning’s Broward-Palm Beach New Times about J.C. Hutchins, who has been podcasting his 7th Son series over at The most important quote: sleep is for pussies. J.C. is way ahead of me in terms his podcast — 20,000 listeners, compared to my measly few hundred to date. , Read More

Republic book cover

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist John Hanchette (named by Gannett as one of the top ten journalists of the last decade) has just written a truly wonderful review of Republic. Here’s some excerpts.  You can check out the full review at the link above. Hanchette writes: With the Fourth of July just in front of us,, Read More

The Podler Book Review today selected Prayer at Rumayla as the book of the month! Thank you!

Prayer at Rumayla cover image

A few weeks ago I submitted Prayer at Rumayla: A Novel of the Gulf War for review to the Podler, a book review blog. Last night the review came back, and it was far better than I could have anticipated. Here’s the review, and I want to send my thanks over to the Podler for the, Read More

Another step

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Another step I finished the second draft of “Murphy’s War” today. Hooray! Now its time to work on the third draft. I’m actually taking a couple of days off from that project to work on brainstorming my next one. What kills me is that I’ve got four or five projects I want to get, Read More

Prayer at Rumayla cover image

by BRIAN TROMPETER Staff Writer The Persian Gulf War seemed like a piece of cake to those who watched it on CNN. The ground war lasted merely 100 hours, U.S. forces lost only 299 of nearly 468,000 deployed troops and Iraqi soldiers surrendered in droves. Sheehan-Miles, 30, a soft-spoken Vienna area resident, wrote a, Read More

New book sheds light on war

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By Jeffrey Horton Prince George’s Sentinel, Friday, February 8, 2002 Never before have I read a novel that speaks with such straight forward honesty as Charles Sheehan-Miles’ new book, Prayer at Rumayla.  Sheehan-Miles finally shows America an accurate glimpse of the fact that the Gulf War was actually a war.  Forget all your memories, Read More

Prayer at Rumayla cover image

Prayer at Rumayla,” by Charles Sheehan-Miles. Xlibris Corp. 222 pages. $21.99. By JOHN HANCHETTE Gannett News Service, Friday, December 21, 2001 A new war novel – a bleak and disturbing remembrance of a past conflict that could contain intimations of the near future – has sprung up on an Internet publishing web site. When, Read More