I would never suggest that my friends who are lifelong Republicans abandon their principles. I *do* suggest that the Republican Party already abandoned them, leaving behind those who actually believe in small government, low taxes and national security. I think if you have any doubt about the difference, I would suggest that you -really-, Read More

An old friend of mine recently shared a propaganda post with the tired old theme that there’s no different between political parties, that Democrats and Republicans are the same, that you can’t trust any of them.   I agree that some politicians are untrustworthy. Some are liars. But to suggest that the political parties, Read More

1980-1992 Republicans: Increase the deficit year over year because it’s important for national security and tax cuts. Ends in a major recession   1992 – 2000 Congressional Republicans suddenly become deficit hawks. Even as the White House COMPLETELY ELIMINATES the budget deficit and turns a surplus for the first time since before World War, Read More

I know we’re all supposed to genuflect with our hero-worship of veterans and senior generals etc etc etc, but John Kelly’s latest comments have made me lose respect.   Let’s break this out a little.   The Civil War was, in fact, about not wanting to compromise.   What, exactly, where they unwilling to, Read More

Hi friends, I got word this week that the new Chinese translation of Just Remember to Breathe is available, bringing the number of languages this books is available in up to seven.  Seven languages!  It’s hard for me to believe!  I love the look of the Chinese language cover too.   English – Amazon Nook Kobo iBooks Google Audible German, Read More

I have a confession to make. I can’t turn off the news. I’ve been politically engaged all my life, on some level or another. I came of age at a time when the prospect of nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union loomed over us all. I remember the Iran-Contra hearings,, Read More