Hi friends, I got word this week that the new Chinese translation of Just Remember to Breathe is available, bringing the number of languages this books is available in up to seven.  Seven languages!  It’s hard for me to believe!  I love the look of the Chinese language cover too.   English – Amazon Nook Kobo iBooks Google Audible German, Read More

Thank you to Jillian Dodd

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Ten days ago, many of you saw my post here that 99 authors had book 99 books on sale, each for 99 cents. It was quite a sale, and readers bought and downloaded literally tens of thousand of books dirt cheap over the holidays. What you may not know is that the event was, Read More

Everybody’s got angst about Black Friday, and shopping, or not shopping, blah blah. Instead of standing in line in the cold and getting all stressed out, why not relax and read a good book? Four days only, these three contemporary romances are discounted to 99 cents! Check it out here: Bouquet Toss by Melissa, Read More

So here’s what happened. Way back in January 2008, I hit a brainstorm. My thought at the time was: I’m a really obscure writer, with what I think is a great idea for a book.  Can’t get many people to buy it?  I’ll just give it away! At the time, this was a fairly novel idea,, Read More

The good news is, since the beginning of January I’ve gone from being 1/3 complete on Insurgent to 2/3rd complete… nearly 30,000 words written in the last 5 days.  It’s exciting to be moving along this quickly, and now there is no question that I’ll have the first draft completed in the next few, Read More

50 Reviews

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Republic finally hit 50 reviews on Amazon.com just the other day.  I’m not sure why this feels like a milestone to me, but oddly enough it does.  The book’s been out for three years, and seems to be selling better now than it ever has before.  This is a good thing. And while not, Read More

I’ve never been one for New Years resolutions.  Quit smoking? Yeah, right.  However, a New Years action I can deal with.  Here’s the plan: starting today, I’m going to be giving away the ebook version of Republic for free. No more sample chapters, partial books that end in the middle, none of that. You can, Read More

There’s a great piece in this morning’s Broward-Palm Beach New Times about J.C. Hutchins, who has been podcasting his 7th Son series over at Podiobooks.com. The most important quote: sleep is for pussies. J.C. is way ahead of me in terms his podcast — 20,000 listeners, compared to my measly few hundred to date. , Read More

The Podler Book Review today selected Prayer at Rumayla as the book of the month! Thank you!

Another step

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Another step I finished the second draft of “Murphy’s War” today. Hooray! Now its time to work on the third draft. I’m actually taking a couple of days off from that project to work on brainstorming my next one. What kills me is that I’ve got four or five projects I want to get, Read More

Prayer at Rumayla cover image

by BRIAN TROMPETER Staff Writer The Persian Gulf War seemed like a piece of cake to those who watched it on CNN. The ground war lasted merely 100 hours, U.S. forces lost only 299 of nearly 468,000 deployed troops and Iraqi soldiers surrendered in droves. Sheehan-Miles, 30, a soft-spoken Vienna area resident, wrote a, Read More

New book sheds light on war

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By Jeffrey Horton Prince George’s Sentinel, Friday, February 8, 2002 Never before have I read a novel that speaks with such straight forward honesty as Charles Sheehan-Miles’ new book, Prayer at Rumayla.  Sheehan-Miles finally shows America an accurate glimpse of the fact that the Gulf War was actually a war.  Forget all your memories, Read More