Serialized novels? Looking for feedback

The good news is, since the beginning of January I’ve gone from being 1/3 complete on Insurgent to 2/3rd complete… nearly 30,000 words written in the last 5 days.  It’s exciting to be moving along this quickly, and now there is no question that I’ll have the first draft completed in the next few months.

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to an idea which has floated in the back of my mind for some months. Insurgent breaks down into roughly three discrete parts.  Would it make sense to proceed now (or in the very near future) with publishing the first third as an ebook, releasing it in three separate parts on the Kindle or other formats?  Then, when its all complete, wrap it up in one volume for hardcover or paperback?

I’m looking for feedback from the many folks who have asked me about the book over the last couple years. Would you want to see the story in serialized format, knowing that it will likely be the end of 2011 before the final section is complete?

The pros for me are obvious. I can get feedback now on the story, as well as some small bit of income which would help pay the bills, always an important consideration.  The cons, of course, are also obvious… if I hit something important in the story while working on the final third, that should have been in the beginning, it will be too late without going back and changing the originally released episode.

Okay, there it is. Let me know what you think!

  1. A

    I enjoyed republic and the beginning of Insurgent. Are you going to continue to podcast, or only publish in book format?

    • charles

      I’m planning to podcast Insurgent as well, once I’ve completed the first draft. Thanks for asking!

  2. CW

    I think you should finish the complete story, then make a decision yourself what to do. Then if you decide to go back and make changes to better the story or plotline you can. Eithor way your faithful fans including myself will support your decision. I would love to have both of your stories, Republic and Insurgent in hardback on my bookshelf. Thanks, CW

    • charles

      Hopefully will have the first draft completed soon. Life interfered in a big way for a couple years, but I’ve been back on track the last few weeks. thanks for the comments!

  3. Jeff

    First of all, I have really enjoyed the podcasts you have put out. Very high quality and great characters and story line. I think completely finishing the book is better than publishing itinerary sections. From a reader perspective. I think it gives you more flexibility to make changes.

  4. John B

    I concur with CW – flesh it out completely and stand back and give a critical eye to the entire project. We trust your judgment – I am curious to see how the Joe’s story progresses. I am more interested in that line – Turdville isn’t very interesting to me, although I am wanting to see if there are more parallels between the two storylines.

    • charles

      Yeah, I’m leaning that way too.

      I’m glad Joe Blankenship’s story is keeping interest… and yes, they’re going to be tied together in all kinds of ways by the end of the book. I’m really glad you guys are enjoying it!

  5. David

    Just finished the pod casts for Republic.
    Loved the parallel story lines. I can’t imagine continuing this style without being able to go back and edit as the story is developed. Please don’t sacrifice a great story by limiting yourself.

    The first chapter of Ensurgent got me all excited about the new book! I rushed to the web site sure the story would be ready only to find… Ok, I’ll be patient, just don’t limit yourself ok?

    Best wishes and I’ll be getting the word out to my friends.

  6. Carole Gallagher

    Wow! 30,000 words in five days? You’re really “bookin’ it”!!! Congrats!

  7. Republic: A Novel of America's Future by Charles S

    Name : charles
    Comment: [from blog ] : I’m planning to podcast Insurgent as well, once I’ve completed the first draft. Thanks for asking!

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