Crystal’s Many Reviewers

Thank you so much to Sara Squared of Crystals Many Reviewers for your awesome review of Girl of Vengeance!


It’s really exciting to me when people get it, especially with a series that was this complicated and which turned expectations on their heads. A couple of quotes from the review:

As an avid fan of Charles Sheehan-Miles’ books, I think I’m used to being upset with him.  It’s something I’ve just kind of accepted. I love him, but he KILLS me.  I’m nearly guaranteed that a book of his will cause me anxiety, perhaps panic, I may most definitely cry…but I will also love every single minute of it.

I’m grateful 🙂  Thank you so much.  In truth, it’s my mission in life to make people cry.  One more quote and I’m out 🙂

I enjoyed the hell of this series, and this last book totally and completely lived up to my expectations.  If you’ve not read any books by Charles Sheehan-Miles, I highly suggest you pick one up and get started!!!  He is, hands down, one of the most talented storytellers I have had the pleasure of reading over the last few years.  5 stars.

Go check out the review, and follow their blog, here.

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