Book Review: Septic Zombie by Aquila Robinson

I want to tell you about a book I read today which amazed and delighted me. It was brought to my attention by Jeremy Robinson, the insanely prolific author of the Antarktos saga and a whole lot of other books.  Septic Zombie, a debut novel by seven year old Aquila Robinson (Jeremy’s daughter).

I bought it just out of pure delight at the fact that we now live in a world where a seven year old can publish her work. But the story was actually delightful, with some wicked humor and funny illustrations.  A brief quote:

Rockstar Zombie plays the scariest music in the world on his guitar. It sounds like Queen, but scarier, like that song when he sings about killing the man.

And another:

Maybe we should have thought twice before taking off a zombie’s shoes?

At just 99 cents, Septic Zombie was a bargain for ten minutes of genuine entertainment. The author, Aquila, is hoping to use the proceeds from the book to buy a golden retriever. Help her out by picking up your copy at Amazon or Barnes & Noble today!


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