Prayer at Rumayla temporarily free at Barnes & Noble

For a brief time, Prayer at Rumayla, my first novel, is available for free from Barnes & Noble. Check it out here.

I’d like to have it be free on Amazon as well!  You can help: go to the Amazon page for the book, and click the “report a lower price” link.  Then paste in the B&N link to let them know there competitor is giving it away free!

Thanks, and enjoy!


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  1. JWM

    I guess the efforts of your readers worked! I just finished reading Prayer at Rumayla as a free Kindle download.

    Powerful stuff, indeed. As a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, much of Chet Brown’s inner turmoils resonate in my own. I am looking forward to reading more Sheehan-Miles!

    What was war like? Clearly the best answer is to tell them to read this book.

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