Time to renew my VFW membership

My renewal notice for the VFW came today, and until very recently I’d been planning to bite the bullet and pay for life membership. But I kept thinking about how Max Cleland was beat out by a non-veteran, pro-war Republican, and how the VFW contributed to that. Here’s my reply.

November 15, 2002

Dear VFW:

I was going to pay for my life membership this year, until the VFW decided to publicly endorse a non-veteran pro-war candidate in favor of a triple-amputee Vietnam veteran who has repeatedly fought for veterans and national security.

In an age when virtually no one in public office has served in combat, VFW’s leadership ought to be ashamed of itself for helping to defeat Max Cleland. You’ve lost my membership and my respect.

With regards,

Charles Sheehan-Miles

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