So, I just got a note from Krystle over at K & M’s Book Haven about their review of Girl of Vengeance.  I don’t want to take too much from it here, because hopefully you’ll go check out their site. But here are some highlights that left me overwhelmed: Thank you for creating my favorite, Read More

Crystal’s Many Reviewers

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Thank you so much to Sara Squared of Crystals Many Reviewers for your awesome review of Girl of Vengeance! It’s really exciting to me when people get it, especially with a series that was this complicated and which turned expectations on their heads. A couple of quotes from the review: As an avid fan of Charles, Read More

So there was this movie…

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Here’s what happened. In 2007 I published a book titled Republic.  And then, in early 2008, I started working on drafts for its sequel, titled Insurgent. I put out some podcast, posted chapters here on the blog, but then due to life (and loss of job) I stalled out for a few years. In 2011, Read More

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a book review on my blog, but this one I thought was important to get out there. Here’s why. For most of my adult life, I’ve been prejudiced against conservative Christians and fundamentalists of all kinds. At least outside of fiction. I loved reading about Prior, Read More

Hi all! For the book bloggers out there, just wanted to give you a heads up that now that our initial blog tour is over, we’re opening up requests for review copies to all book bloggers! You can sign up here.

The Final Piece by Maggi Myers

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I haven’t posted much in the way of book reviews here lately.  But this one I had to share. I finally got to reading Maggi Myers’ novel The Final Piece. Maggi’s been a fantastic supporter and friend, but for various reasons (mostly because I have very little time to read while I’m writing myself) I hadn’t gotten, Read More

Book Review: Red Lory by Dave Newell

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Red Lory is a remarkable and disturbing book by debut novelist Dave Newell. I’ve read a number of comparisons between Red Lory and old Hitchcock films, but if I had to draw a literary parallel, Douglas Howard reminds me the most of Ethan Allen Hawley in the Steinbeck’s Winter of Our Discontent. It has, Read More

With as much gravitas as a short man can summon, Zack offered his hand. “Welcome to Burfoot’s Circus, Boy.” Where to begin with this review? I want to be clear: I loved this book. It was different, very different, from most of the books I read. And that’s a good thing. Despite it being, Read More

I wanted to take a few minutes this morning and update folks on what’s been going on. First, I want to say that I’ve been utterly overwhelmed by the responses, many of them very emotional, to Just Remember to Breathe. I’ve been in the indie writing business a long time, and had some decent, Read More

Posting this to say a HUGE thank you to Adriane over at the Indie Bookshelf, who reviewed Just Remember to Breathe on Saturday. For those of you who don’t hang out there, the Indie Bookshelf is a fantastic book blog, with a bunch of readers who are enthusiastic about indie authors and do a, Read More

This is quite possibly the best book I’ve read in 2012. Here’s the synopsis from Goodreads: I live in a world without magic or miracles. A place where there are no clairvoyants or shapeshifters, no angels or superhuman boys to save you. A place where people die and music disintegrates and things suck. I, Read More

Interviews, reviews and more

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I haven’t been posting much lately. That’s because I’ve been insanely busy, both with another move (to Bethesda, MD), a new job, and the release of two novels, Insurgent (coming October 15) and Just Remember to Breathe (ebook released Aug 30, paperback Nov 12).  In short, I’ve been spinning in circles. I did want, Read More