Off to the editor

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Book 1 of Insurgent is off to the editor and a small circle of beta readers. Hoping to swing right into the second episode.  I have the second draft of the entire thing written, so now its a matter of polishing and finalizing each episode, getting them to the editor and putting it out., Read More


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First draft is: completed. It’s rough, disorganized, messy, full of typos, unreadable.  But finished. This evening I start rewriting.

Not long ago I read J.L. Bryan’s Dominion, which for quite a long time had been paired with one of my books on Amazon. Overall I loved the book, and went on to read Jenny Pox, a sort of paranormal fantasy. The premise of Jenny Pox is simple: teenage girl whose touch causes people, Read More

Apple iBooks

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Good news here, Republic is now available from the Apple iBookstore. Check it out here:

Insurgent Chapter 4.4

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As the line of humvees pulled into the town, Turville thought that Whitesville looked considerably better when they weren’t being shot at. That wasn’t likely at this point. First squad had already split off from the column and begun setting up the TCP, or tactical check point—a fancy term for road-block—two hundred meters before, Read More

Energy Bill Bankrupts Our Future

Posted on June 23, 2003 by

Originally published on Alternet June 23, 2003. In what may be the worst piece of legislation the Senate has passed in decades (and they’ve had some whoppers), the Senate voted last week for a huge corporate boondoggle that will not only help bankrupt our country, but will guarantee long-term environmental damage, a rise in, Read More