Chapter 2-3. Sarah

The following is an unedited preview of my upcoming novel Rachel’s Peril, the first novel in the Rachel’s Peril Trilogy. For more information about the book and more chapters, please check out the Rachel’s Peril page!

Rachel’s Peril – Table of Contents and Book Description

Chapter 2. Amber Alert

Part 3. Sarah

“What the hell?” shouted Lieutenant Miller into a phone. “Can someone please tell me how the daughter of the Secretary of Defense came through my airport… and was abducted… and I wasn’t notified in advance? What the hell is wrong with you people?”  A long pause.  “I don’t give a damn if he hasn’t been confirmed yet. You people dropped the ball, and now there’s a sixteen year old girl who’s been kidnapped!”

Sarah groaned and stayed low in her seat. She didn’t want to remind them she was here, because right now, she had some clue what was going on. If they made her leave, she’d lose that.  For the last ten minutes she’d been sending text updates to her sisters: Carrie in Maryland, Alexandra in New York, Julia in Los Angeles and Jessica in San Francisco. Jessica hadn’t responded, but then again, she didn’t much lately.

Carrie had reminded her in a message that their father, recently called out of retirement by the President, was on Capitol Hill today preparing for his confirmation hearings. He wouldn’t take any phone calls, but Carrie thought she could reach him through the Pentagon.

“Lieutenant!” one of the cops called. “State patrol spotted the vehicle. They’re in pursuit.”

Miller covered the receiver of the phone he’d been shouting in to. “Any visual?”

The cop shook his head. “Audio only.”

“Put it up.”

Sarah shook. She couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t think. She started to send another text message to her sisters.

The room filled with sounds from the state patrol dispatchers.  A lot of unrelated radio chatter.  Then a loud, strong voice calling, “Shots fired, four four four, shots fired.”

More voices, calling in locations, more cars responding.

Miller hung up on whoever he was talking with, and Sarah dropped her phone. The glass front shattered.

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