Insurgent (Episode 5) now complete

It’s finally online. Episode 5, the conclusion to Insurgent, is now online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Smashwords!

So what’s next? The completed book is in the hands of my editor, and in a few weeks, as soon as editing is completed, the completed book will be published in paperback and ebook formats. You can help on the editing side by supporting the Kickstarter campaign, which will let you get your hands on (among other things) a limited edition hardcover.

The ebooks for Episode 5 are available here:

Amazon: Kindle Edition
Barnes & Noble
Kobo books

Smashwords: All ebook formats

  1. John Brace

    First let me say I truly enjoy reading your books. I loved Republic and have been getting episodes of Insurgent since they started and just purchased Episode 5 on Amazon Kindle. However it dawns on me that each episode is only a few chapters long and costs $2.99 per episode. I am not sure how many episodes in all there will be to Insurgent but I have spent about $15.00 so far and if there are 10 episodes that means I will have paid almost $30.00 for your book, more than that if there are more then 10 episodes. Whereas you are a great writer we both know Insurgent will never be on the ” Best Sellers” list and complet best seller books cost between $9.99 – $12.99. It kind of seems like you are ripping off your devoted readers.

    If you continue this kind of marketing plan I am afraid you are going to lose readers. I for one will never buy “episodes” of any more of your books and spend 2 to 3 times the cost of most best sellers.

    John Brace

    • Charles Sheehan-Miles

      Hi John,

      Definitely understand your concern. Episode 5 is actually the conclusion, and the full book will be out October 15.

      Honestly, the episodic release wasn’t so much for marketing as it was to get something out there, because the book was taking _forever_ to write. It was mostly an experiment, and one that I don’t think has had very good results. I’ve started work on the third book in the series, and it won’t be released as episodes for that very reason.

      Thanks so much for the feedback!


      • John Brace

        Thanks for your candid and quick response. I will be looking forward to the third book. You have a great talent and a real world story to tell. Thanks for your time and effort addressing my rant.

        John Brace

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