Insurgent Episode 3 now available

It’s taken me forever, but Insurgent Episode 3 is now available on Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Smashwords. It’ll be online soon at Sony and Apple and elsewhere. I’ve started work on editing episode 4 and I expect that to be available in about 2 weeks!

Watch this space, because in a few days I’ll be launching my Kickstarter project. The purpose of the project is to fund a professional editor for the final book, as well as get the equipment and software to do the free podcast of Insurgent, which I’ll be recording this fall.

Here’s the links:

Amazon: Kindle Edition
Barnes & Noble
Smashwords: All ebook formats


  1. john henry

    Just bought it. Can’t wait to read it.

    I’ll buy Ep 4 as soon as it is available

    John Henry

    • Charles Sheehan-Miles

      John, so glad you stopped by, I hope you enjoy the book! Expect ep4 in 2-3 weeks. It’s finished, I’m editing it now.

  2. John Henry

    Thanks for ruining a great night’s sleep! These raccoon eyes are all your fault.

    I am currently reading Vol 4 of Herbert Hoover’s memoirs and was just about to put my Kindle down and go to sleep. I figured I would just pop into the Amazon store to see if Ep 4 was available yet.

    It was, I downloaded it and stayed up for a couple extra hours reading it. GREAT! This whole series has been terrific. Once you finish it, I will most likely go back to Republic and read it and the Insurgent episodes right through.

    This episodic approach is a bit new to me. I am used to reading a whole book at once. On the one hand, I really want to see how it turns out and wish I had the whole thing. On the other hand going episode by episode makes me stop and think about each one perhaps more than I normally would.

    So keep it up, you are teaching an old dog new tricks and I always like that.

    I anxiously await Ep 5.

    Now I’ll go do an Amazon review.

    I am looking forward to your next book. Is this a continuation of the Insurgent book? Sounds like it is about an epidemic. Is this the epidemic we are fearing from Channing’s people?

    If you tell me I have to wait and find out, OK, but the suspense will be tough.

    John Henry

    • Charles Sheehan-Miles

      John thanks so much! Ep 5 is coming shortly, and will reveal what happens with the biological stuff and Channing. And yes, that’s what the next book in the series is about. Can’t say any more yet, except that I’m desperately trying to figure out what to call it!

  3. john henry

    A bit off topic but I could not find another place to comment on this:

    I liked your articles about writing. I do a fair amount for magazines and blogs and have 2 books coming out shortly (one on packaging machinery that is in final editing, another on manufacturing to be published November 15)

    Also a series of books once I get the packaging book put to bed.

    I figured I was doing well to write 1000 words per day. Now I think I see some ways to increase my output. Thanks for the tips.

    John Henry

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