Ten Life Lessons I learned from my Awesome Kids

My last post, about racism and confronting it within ourselves, generated a lot of argument here on the blog as well as amongst my Facebook friends. This one is not so heavy. I want to write about some of the awesome and amazing things I’ve learned from my two little monsters.

Amirah with a broken finger

So here goes:

Ten Life Lessons I learned from my Awesome Kids

1)   Don’t open diapers quickly! My first life lesson learned from my son when he was home on his first day. Cold air plus rapidly opened diaper means the child pees straight up into the face of the parent.  Ewwww!!!!!

2)   Tickling is not optional.

3)   Children look better when they are being held upside down.

4)   Sometimes you have to be the bad guy.

5)   Misbehaving children are just as much or more stressful than misbehaving bosses.

6)   If you dribble crumbs, banana peels, peanuts, drinks and other unknown substances into the base of a minivan for six months, you can create mysterious new life forms.

7)   If the fish are happy in the aquarium, unlike Nemo, they probably don’t need to be rescued.

8)   Make sure the children are completely inside the vehicle before you close the door!

9)   Re-reading Dr. Seuss is only fun the first three hundred times.

and finally….

10) Keep hammers out of reach of angry toddlers.

Okay… let’s have it. If you had to pick just one thing to add to this list, what would it be?


  1. Veronica

    Life Lesson: Don’t have kids unless you have the money saved to send them to boarding school when the hit middle school

  2. Chris Kovarovic

    When more than one child is present in the household, read plenty of  Sherlock Holmes, you’ll need the investigative skills.

  3. Chris Kovarovic

     Number 2: Never say “I’ll turn this car around right now!!!” if it is, in fact, home that the children would rather be.

  4. Abbie Rich

    Never think you can quietly fart in a public place – if your child gets even an inkling of the sound or the smell – they are gonna call you out (didn’t know my husband could get that shade of red)

    • Charles Sheehan-Miles

      The awesome thing is that when they are teenagers, you get to embarrass them in return!

  5. Jackie Trippier Holt

    Make sure the porn is locked away. It’s embarrassing for everyone when you have to ask for it back.

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