Missing soldier’s wife faces deportation

Specialist Alex Jimenez, along with two other soldiers, was kidnapped by al-Qaeda in May. One of his fellow soldiers was later found dead, the other is still missing. In a video posted on the internet, AQ claims all three soldiers are dead. Here’s the kicker:Jimenez’s wife, Yaderlin, is facing deportation from the United States.

This particular soldier is a U.S. citizen, served two tours in Iraq. He came home from his first tour with a Purple Heart. He may not make it home from the second, though there is still some hope.

According to the media reports, his wife entered the U.S. illegally from the Dominican Republic in 2001. They couple married in 2004, and they applied for a green card after the marriage. In doing so, they did the right thing, but they also brought her to the attention of the Department of Homeland Security.

Following that, the DHS, which I’ve pointed out before is my favorite government agency, proceeded with deportation proceedings. It seems that Jiminez being captured by al-Qaeda has stalled that move temporarily.

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