Speaking at American University

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These days it’s impossible to find anyone who supported invading Iraq, but back in 2003 it was a wildly popular idea. This clip is from a conference at American University where I talked about opposition to the war.  

August 5, 1995. This is ancient history, my first television interview (I think), on the Saturday Washington Journal.  I came across it recently while researching other stuff. This interview aired live at 5 in the morning, but being Washington, someone was up. The deputy director of government relations at Vietnam Veterans of America called me, Read More

Veterans’ Voices: Returning Home From The Gulf War Charles Sheehan-Miles was a tank loader in the Gulf War, engaged in combat in the 24th Division. He had a hard time coming back to civilian life. How do you answer, he wonders, when someone asks, “How was it?” Sheehan-Miles wrote a fictionalized account of his, Read More

10:00¬†Mental Health and Military Service in Iraq A new study shows more than one in three members of the U.S. armed forces serving in Iraq seeks help for mental health problems. We talk about the types of problems they’re experiencing, the help available, and long term cost to individuals, their families, and the nation., Read More

Iraq as a nation sits on a razor’s edge. On one side is a reasonably stable society, with power sharing among its people and a better future for all Iraqis. On the other side is a major sectarian war, ethnic cleansing in the many mixed communities in Iraq, with possible dissolution as a state or a return to totalitarian regime. And, as much as we opposed the war, now the one thing preventing Iraq from falling on the wrong side of that line is U.S. and coalition troops, and newly deploying Iraqi police and military units.

Interview with Wolf Blitzer on Iraq

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CNN WOLF BLITZER REPORTS Civilians Working for U.S. Military Gunned Down in Kuwait; Skiers Killed in Avalanche in British Columbia Aired January 21, 2003 Р17:00   ET THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT. THIS COPY MAY NOT BE IN ITS FINAL FORM AND MAY BE UPDATED. Link to full transcript: http://www.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0301/21/wbr.00.html And as the, Read More

The New Forgotten Vets

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Kind of a “getting started as a veterans” activist article. The first real ink we got when starting out Gulf War Vets of Massachusetts fifteen years ago.