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From an author described as “one of America’s criminally neglected authors,” Republic is a surprise bestselling dystopian novel (more than two years on the Amazon Alternate History bestseller list) described by readers as “breath-taking,” “riveting,” and “haunting.”

Ken Murphy is a 45 year-old National Guard Colonel and senior manager at a computer chip manufacturer in quiet Highview, West Virginia. In this future history featuring frightening parallels to our present, the local economy is thrown into a tailspin when the plant is suddenly shut down, even as the nation is thrown into turmoil by a deadly domestic terrorist attack.

Karen Greenfield, a young captain in Murphy’s National Guard battalion, faces a devastating choice: how does she serve the Constitution she swore to protect when the danger comes from the federal government itself? After witnessing the senseless death of a co-worker, she begins to question the foundations of everything she has ever believed.

Murphy must fight for healthcare for his terminally ill son. As he tries to save his son’s life, and Greenfield struggles to serve the ideals she believes in, they are dragged into a deeper conflict between the forces that are ripping our nation apart.

What People Are Saying About Republic

Republic is a very interesting, thought provoking story about the loss of jobs due to corporate greed, abuse of power by government agencies, and a civil war.

Charles Sheehan-Miles is an exceptional writer–Midwest Book Review

…the blogosphere has gone wild over this book…It might scare you into doing something…for the nation, and for your future.“–Pulitzer Prize winning journalist John Hanchette, Niagara Falls Reporter, July 2007

…A scenario taken right out of today’s newspapers…anyone who prizes the traditional rights and freedoms of our nation will be both frightened and alerted by the near-future possibilities…a fast-paced, well plotted action story of the sort one can not put down.“–Toby Grace, Out In Jersey Magazine

This novel of America’s future may be prophetic…It will disturb you…It should.“–Kenneth J. Bernstein, Daily Kos, June 25, 2007

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