Girl of Vengeance Preview: Prologue

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  Following is an unedited preview of the prologue of Girl of Vengeance, on sale September 15, 2014. This has spoilers. You’ve been warned. Prologue In the silence of the room, the knock on the door startled Carrie and Sarah. Carrie jerked in her seat and looked up, just as a youngish looking doctor with slightly too, Read More

Republic: Chapter One

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Chapter One May 24 Kenny Murphy, Jr. waved goodbye and turned to go into the school building. The faint lines at the corners of Ken Murphy’s eyes crinkled just a little as he watched the little blonde boy walk away. He’d changed so much that Martha wouldn’t have recognized him if she’d still been, Read More

This is a short, unedited preview from my upcoming novel The Last Hour. A few other snippets and previews have been posted, you can find there here. Look, I’m not an idiot. I knew we were moving too fast. You don’t make lifetime commitments when you’ve known someone just a few days here, then a, Read More

First look: The Last Hour

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Hello! First, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, or whatever else you may celebrate! Wishing everyone the best in this holiday season. I thought today would be a good day to post the first teaser from The Last Hour. This is rough draft stuff 🙂 But more will be coming! Here’s the summary for The, Read More

A Song for Julia preview

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  This is an unedited preview of my upcoming novel A Song for Julia, scheduled for publication December 15, 2012. If you’re a blogger, and interested in helping out with the cover reveal on December 1, please sign up here!  Suburban Princess (Crank) October 26, 2002 Maybe it’s just me. But I would have thought, Read More