Insurgent Chapter 6.1

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The razor didn’t precisely shake in Jim Turville’s hands as he carefully shaved in the small mess-kit mirror.  Nonetheless, Turville paused, took a steadying breath, then quickly finished. He packed away his kit, placed a soft-cap on his head instead of the more familiar helmet, and walked to the front door of the home, Read More

Insurgent Chapter 5.4

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1998 Mandy Mays accepted her diploma from the Principal, and smiled so wide her cheeks hurt. Her eyes darted to the audience and met Joe’s eyes and felt a shiver of pleasure go down her spine. Following her brother, who had received his diploma moments before, she returned to her seat next to Joe, Read More

Insurgent Chapter 5.3

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Valerie Murphy frowned at herself in the mirror. The makeup couldn’t disguise her pallor, nor could new clothes disguise her nearly gaunt figure. She leaned close, squinting her eyes, and noticed something which had escaped her up to this point.  A long, fine, white hair. She shook her head.  No surprise there.  And nothing, Read More

Insurgent Chapter 5.2

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Jim Turville was bored. Three days since they’d arrived in Whitesville, and already he was as bored as he could be.  As the quick reaction force, Sergeant Nguyen’s squad pretty much had nothing to do, except sit around.  Two guys maintained security on the vehicles, always manning the machine guns.  Otherwise, the rest of, Read More

Insurgent Chapter 5.1

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When the phone rang, Rebecca sat up instantly, dropping the paperback she’d been reading to the floor. The phone rang? The house phone hadn’t rung since January: lines had been down across the state, and if her father hadn’t bought one of those expensive satellite phones they’d have been completely cut off from the, Read More

Insurgent Chapter 4.4

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As the line of humvees pulled into the town, Turville thought that Whitesville looked considerably better when they weren’t being shot at. That wasn’t likely at this point. First squad had already split off from the column and begun setting up the TCP, or tactical check point—a fancy term for road-block—two hundred meters before, Read More

Insurgent Chapter 4.3

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Interlude 3 − Spring 1998 Joe Blankenship looked in the mirror and adjusted his tie and collar where it chafed against his neck. Too tight: he’d gained near enough to 30 pounds of solid muscle in the last six months, but the money wasn’t there for new clothes. Why Mandy had insisted on formal, Read More

Insurgent Chapter 4.2

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Insurgent Chapter 4, part 2. Also cross posted to

Insurgent Chapter 4.1

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“So what is your assessment?” asked Al Clark. At the moment, Clark sat at the small conference table in the Governor’s office, next to a window overlooking downtown Charleston. Valerie sat at his right hand. Only a few days had passed since their release from the federal lockup, and she was still unusually quiet., Read More

Insurgent Chapter 3

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Brigadier General Tom Murphy stood in the sunlight near the helicopter pad on the roof of the Governor’s mansion, chilled by the arctic wind and trying to absorb a little sunlight to offset it. Though his temples had gone grey in the last year, Tom still looked young. His narrow face was clean-shaven, and, Read More

Insurgent Chapter 2

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The clank of the outside door down the hall woke up Valerie Murphy.  She still lay flat on what passed for a bed, staring up at the dirty ceiling. She heard two sets of footsteps. That was unusual. The first sounded familiar—a guard. A jangle of keys, he walked with a slow limp. She, Read More

Insurgent Chapter 1.3

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In Whitesville, the sun was just setting behind the ridgeline, leaving the woods above the town in darkness. The wind howled over the ridgeline, blowing an icy wind into the narrow valley. Not much of a town, even when Turville had the other exciting locales in West Virginia to compare it to.  Right here, Read More