Your brain is the real weapon (Alex) Previous Chapters/Contents “Okay,” Dylan said.  “Let’s try that again.” I’d asked for these lessons, but I hadn’t bargained for how intense it would be.  The first couple days, I’d worked with Dylan alone. But his hand was a mess, and for some of the rougher stuff he’d, Read More

I’m sorry I got your kid killed (Alex) Previous Chapters/Contents Sherman caught up with me about two blocks away from Dylan’s apartment.  I heard him calling, but kept walking. I was too caught up, too angry, to stop. He finally came up to my side and matched my pace. He didn’t say anything at, Read More

That’s what war is (Dylan)

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That’s what war is (Dylan) Previous Chapters/Contents Getting out of jail was kind of a reverse process of going in. They didn’t search me on the way out, but otherwise, it was scary similar. I signed paperwork, collected my phone and wallet and keys, and then I was free to leave. I walked out, Read More

Let him smell your socks (Alex)

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Let him smell your socks (Alex) Previous Chapters/Contents I knew Dylan was going to look rough when he came in to the hearing room. He’d been in a holding cell all weekend. But it hit me, hard, when I saw just how rough he looked. He was obviously exhausted, dark circles under his eyes,, Read More

Just stay quiet (Dylan)

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Just stay quiet (Dylan) Previous Chapters/Contents When I was escorted into the court room, my hands were still cuffed, in front of me now, and a police officer had me by the left arm. I was not in the best of shape. My cast had cracked, and most of it had simply fallen off., Read More

Friends (Alex)

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Friends (Alex) Previous Chapters/Contents Everyone looked pretty rough when we met at the big round table in the back of Tom’s the next morning. Carrie’s eyes were swollen and red, and she’d pulled on jeans and a pullover sweater. She was as relaxed looking as I’d ever seen her, but also exhausted.  She sat, Read More

Now it’s my turn (Alex)

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Now it’s my turn (Alex) Previous Chapters/Contents “We’re going with her,” Carrie told the police. “She is not going alone with you to the hospital. I’m her sister, and Kelly’s her best friend.” The police officer looked uncomfortable, but finally agreed. Carrie turned to Sherman. “Ray… you take Joel, and go down to the, Read More

Right where I belonged (Dylan)

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Right where I belonged (Dylan) Previous Chapters/Contents Oh fuck, I thought, as the police started to lead me out of the apartment. I looked back over my shoulder, saw her still standing there against the wall, a cop next to her. She was sobbing, and met my eyes with a look of longing mixed, Read More

He was protecting me (Alex)

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He was protecting me (Alex) Thanks for stopping by and getting this far in Just Remember to Breathe. This is the conclusion of chapter nine, and the major turning point in the novel. I’d love to hear any thoughts or feedback on the story! While we’re here, I want to give a quick update, Read More

A couple of ostriches (Alex)

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This is the continuation of chapter eight, and is really the beginning of the turning point in the novel. If you haven’t had a chance to drop any feedback, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Also, a quick update on my Kickstarter project for Insurgent: if you haven’t checked it out, please do so!, Read More

Whatever (Dylan)

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Whatever (Dylan) Previous Chapters/Contents Okay. Yeah, reading through her emails, and seeing the heartache that poured through them… it put me in a pretty craptastic mood. I’m not usually the best at expressing myself, and even though my new therapist down at the VA has told me repeatedly that I have to let go, Read More

My life is all planned out (Alex)

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My life is all planned out (Alex) Previous Chapters/Contents As always, JFK airport was crowded beyond belief. Standing just outside security, I waited for Carrie, feeling alternately excited to see her and suspicious of her motives. Why suspicious? Because three days before, I had let slip in a conversation with my mom that I, Read More