A View From Forever Release Day

Posted on April 20, 2015 by

It’s here! Dylan and Alex’s story, released today. *** Dylan Paris is a working class kid from Atlanta. A former high school dropout who is trying to clean up his act, Dylan is stunned to be selected for a six-week foreign exchange program to Israel. Alex Thompson is the daughter of a wealthy US, Read More

Let me see your eyes (Dylan)

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  The knock on the door is followed by the appearance of John, one of my new bunkmates, who opens it and sticks his head in, his short, extremely curly hair still wet from the shower. “Yo, Mike, Dylan,” he barks, loud enough I’m startled. “Let’s head into town.” I look up. I’m laying, Read More

  Blah, blah blah. That’s what the speakers have been saying for the last forty-five minutes at the reception at the American-Israel Friendship League. Blah blah blah. First they’ve been thanking people none of us have ever heard of for making cooperation between the two countries possible. A retired ambassador speaks, followed by someone, Read More

  No politics on the first date (Dylan) The woman behind the counter has hair cut about to her chin, longer at the front and shorter in the back. It’s dyed a bronze color, and I can’t tell her age or even her general appearance because the makeup she wears is thick as wood-grain, Read More

more details soon 🙂 

Short snippet of what I’m working on, a prequel to Just Remember to Breathe. Alexandra Thompson’s point of view: She arches an eyebrow. “Oh? Tell me. Wait… is it… a guy?” I frown. “Carrie….” She smiles. “You can tell me anything. Cross my heart.” She does, first making a sign of the crucifix, which, Read More

I wanted to take a few minutes this morning and update folks on what’s been going on. First, I want to say that I’ve been utterly overwhelmed by the responses, many of them very emotional, to Just Remember to Breathe. I’ve been in the indie writing business a long time, and had some decent, Read More

It’s about me (Alex)

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It’s about me (Alex) Previous Chapters/Contents When the alarm on my phone went off at 5:45 am, I quickly rolled over in bed and silenced it. I didn’t want to disturb the rest of my family. With any luck I could be out and back before anybody else woke up. I slipped into sweats,, Read More

What Happens Next? (Dylan)

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What Happens Next? (Dylan) Previous Chapters/Contents “So what happens next?” I asked. Ben Cross, my lawyer, said, “Well, we go in there. The DA will tell the judge they’re dropping the charges and why. Then the judge will dismiss the case.” “And that’s the end? I get my bail money back and we’re done?”, Read More

Mistakes happen (Dylan)

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Mistakes happen (Dylan) Previous Chapters/Contents I was sitting in my room, writing, when the knock on the door came. I was in limbo: going to trial for aggravated assault in a few weeks, unsure where my future was going, rejected by Alex. For hours, I’d been sitting here in the dark, listening to quiet, Read More

Don’t freak out (Alex)

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Don’t freak out (Alex) Previous Chapters/Contents I love flying west. It’s quirky, I know, but the nice thing about it is, you can leave in the morning and actually arrive still in the morning, if you’re on a non stop flight. Going east, across the United States, isn’t nearly as much fun. Going against, Read More

That’s not much of a plan (Dylan)

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That’s not much of a plan (Dylan) Previous Chapters/Contents I walked back to my apartment in a fog. I was a damned fool. I’ve never been much of one for waterworks, so there wasn’t much of that. Instead, I just felt dead inside. I’d give a lot to be able to break down and, Read More