I stopped and looked at the two of them. Serena, who was tuning her guitar across the room from them, sat her guitar down, slid out of her seat and walked toward me. Her hips swayed as she walked, and she caught my eyes. She was an attractive girl—long, flowing black hair, milk chocolate, Read More

A Song for Julia Teaser

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“So you’re like…a society girl. An heiress.” “Something like that.” “That’s wicked hot.” I stumbled, trying hard not to blush, and failed. “What?” He let out a loud belly laugh. “Just kidding.” A couple years ago, this would have thrown me way off balance. But I wasn’t eighteen anymore, and it took more than, Read More

Everybody’s got angst about Black Friday, and shopping, or not shopping, blah blah. Instead of standing in line in the cold and getting all stressed out, why not relax and read a good book? Four days only, these three contemporary romances are discounted to 99 cents! Check it out here: Bouquet Toss by Melissa, Read More

A Song for Julia preview

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  This is an unedited preview of my upcoming novel A Song for Julia, scheduled for publication December 15, 2012. If you’re a blogger, and interested in helping out with the cover reveal on December 1, please sign up here!  Suburban Princess (Crank) October 26, 2002 Maybe it’s just me. But I would have thought, Read More

Are you on the list?

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Are you on the mailing list? If not, sign up here. I want to make sure folks have a way of finding out when new books are out. Promise I won’t spam you. Much. This list will be maximum of one or two emails per month, basically when I’ve got a new book coming, Read More

Book Review: Red Lory by Dave Newell

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Red Lory is a remarkable and disturbing book by debut novelist Dave Newell. I’ve read a number of comparisons between Red Lory and old Hitchcock films, but if I had to draw a literary parallel, Douglas Howard reminds me the most of Ethan Allen Hawley in the Steinbeck’s Winter of Our Discontent. It has, Read More