Mistakes happen (Dylan)

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Mistakes happen (Dylan) Previous Chapters/Contents I was sitting in my room, writing, when the knock on the door came. I was in limbo: going to trial for aggravated assault in a few weeks, unsure where my future was going, rejected by Alex. For hours, I’d been sitting here in the dark, listening to quiet, Read More

Don’t freak out (Alex)

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Don’t freak out (Alex) Previous Chapters/Contents I love flying west. It’s quirky, I know, but the nice thing about it is, you can leave in the morning and actually arrive still in the morning, if you’re on a non stop flight. Going east, across the United States, isn’t nearly as much fun. Going against, Read More

Insurgent (Episode 5) now complete

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It’s finally online. Episode 5, the conclusion to Insurgent, is now online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Smashwords! So what’s next? The completed book is in the hands of my editor, and in a few weeks, as soon as editing is completed, the completed book will be published in paperback and ebook, Read More

Beta readers wanted!

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Hi folks, So, it’s that time again.  The final draft of Insurgent is off to the editor (which may take quite some time) and the serialized episodes are all online. Episode 5 should be available within 24 hours on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. I have another project in the pipeline, and I’m, Read More

That’s not much of a plan (Dylan)

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That’s not much of a plan (Dylan) Previous Chapters/Contents I walked back to my apartment in a fog. I was a damned fool. I’ve never been much of one for waterworks, so there wasn’t much of that. Instead, I just felt dead inside. I’d give a lot to be able to break down and, Read More

Your brain is the real weapon (Alex) Previous Chapters/Contents “Okay,” Dylan said.  “Let’s try that again.” I’d asked for these lessons, but I hadn’t bargained for how intense it would be.  The first couple days, I’d worked with Dylan alone. But his hand was a mess, and for some of the rougher stuff he’d, Read More

How can you be so casual about it (Dylan) Previous Chapters/Contents When the alarm went off the next morning, I got up as usual. Really, I didn’t know what else to do. Keep going. Go to class. Go to court. Whatever. It was dark, quiet, and bitter cold. An icy wind blew off the, Read More

I’m sorry I got your kid killed (Alex) Previous Chapters/Contents Sherman caught up with me about two blocks away from Dylan’s apartment.  I heard him calling, but kept walking. I was too caught up, too angry, to stop. He finally came up to my side and matched my pace. He didn’t say anything at, Read More

That’s what war is (Dylan)

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That’s what war is (Dylan) Previous Chapters/Contents Getting out of jail was kind of a reverse process of going in. They didn’t search me on the way out, but otherwise, it was scary similar. I signed paperwork, collected my phone and wallet and keys, and then I was free to leave. I walked out, Read More

Let him smell your socks (Alex)

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Let him smell your socks (Alex) Previous Chapters/Contents I knew Dylan was going to look rough when he came in to the hearing room. He’d been in a holding cell all weekend. But it hit me, hard, when I saw just how rough he looked. He was obviously exhausted, dark circles under his eyes,, Read More

Just stay quiet (Dylan)

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Just stay quiet (Dylan) Previous Chapters/Contents When I was escorted into the court room, my hands were still cuffed, in front of me now, and a police officer had me by the left arm. I was not in the best of shape. My cast had cracked, and most of it had simply fallen off., Read More

Insurgent (Episode 4) released

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Hi all, just wanted to post a note that as of today, Insurgent (Episode Four) has been released! I’m very excited to have it out there, with only one episode left until the story is complete! You can check it out on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Smashwords. Amazon: Kindle Edition Barnes & Noble Smashwords: All, Read More