Insurgent Chapter 6.1

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The razor didn’t precisely shake in Jim Turville’s hands as he carefully shaved in the small mess-kit mirror.  Nonetheless, Turville paused, took a steadying breath, then quickly finished. He packed away his kit, placed a soft-cap on his head instead of the more familiar helmet, and walked to the front door of the home, Read More

Shrinking word count!

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I know a couple weeks ago I posted a note here that Insurgent was 60,000 words, which was a cool milestone… two thirds or so through the first draft. But then I deleted 5,000 words of pure junk. Bummer. But trust me, you didn’t want to read them anyway. Back to work. I still, Read More

J.L. Bryan’s Dominion

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About a year ago Amazon’s “people who also bought this book” recommended Dominion by J.L. Bryan to me as a book commonly bought by people who also bought Republic. I finally picked up the Kindle edition of Dominion this week, and I was blown away. The premise of the book is simple: it’s 2036,, Read More

Insurgent Chapter 5.4

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1998 Mandy Mays accepted her diploma from the Principal, and smiled so wide her cheeks hurt. Her eyes darted to the audience and met Joe’s eyes and felt a shiver of pleasure go down her spine. Following her brother, who had received his diploma moments before, she returned to her seat next to Joe, Read More

Awesome new reviews

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Just a note on some awesome new reviews of Republic: “I cared for a lot of the characters and none had a happy ending with so much death around them. the book was well written and I could not put it down. It wrung out my emotions.” “This is a well balanced read and, Read More

So here’s what happened. Way back in January 2008, I hit a brainstorm. My thought at the time was: I’m a really obscure writer, with what I think is a great idea for a book.  Can’t get many people to buy it?  I’ll just give it away! At the time, this was a fairly novel idea,, Read More

Just posting a quick update: new review of Republic up at LibraryThing

Republic Chapter One

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  Chapter One May 24 Kenny Murphy, Jr. waved goodbye and turned to go into the school building. The faint lines at the corners of Ken Murphy’s eyes crinkled just a little as he watched the little blonde boy walk away. He’d changed so much that Martha wouldn’t have recognized him if she’d still, Read More

60,000 words….

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Milestone of sorts. Insurgent is now 60,000 words.  Long way to go still, but the bulk of the story is written.  Definitely on track to finish before I die of old age.

Apple iBooks

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Good news here, Republic is now available from the Apple iBookstore. Check it out here: