Republic Chapter 17

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Amazon: Paperback | Kindle Edition Barnes & Noble: Paperback | Nook Smashwords (Any ebook format)   Chapter Seventeen September 12   The rain rattled against the canvas roof of Karen Greenfield’s HUMMWV like popcorn, loud enough that she couldn’t hear the radio. The air had turned cold from the rain, and the inside of the humvee smelled like, Read More

Just a quick update. For the Nook readers out there, Republic is now available on the Nook!

New formats available

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Just a quick update. I probably won’t be posting any new chapters of Insurgent for a little while. Not because I’m not writing (I am), but because I’m making progress so quickly that it’s a disorganized mess. I’m in the stage of first drafting that its flying along, and getting chapters posted here is, Read More