Insurgent Chapter 5.3

Posted on January 31, 2011 by

Valerie Murphy frowned at herself in the mirror. The makeup couldn’t disguise her pallor, nor could new clothes disguise her nearly gaunt figure. She leaned close, squinting her eyes, and noticed something which had escaped her up to this point.  A long, fine, white hair. She shook her head.  No surprise there.  And nothing, Read More

The good news is, since the beginning of January I’ve gone from being 1/3 complete on Insurgent to 2/3rd complete… nearly 30,000 words written in the last 5 days.  It’s exciting to be moving along this quickly, and now there is no question that I’ll have the first draft completed in the next few, Read More

Insurgent Chapter 5.2

Posted on January 9, 2011 by

Jim Turville was bored. Three days since they’d arrived in Whitesville, and already he was as bored as he could be.  As the quick reaction force, Sergeant Nguyen’s squad pretty much had nothing to do, except sit around.  Two guys maintained security on the vehicles, always manning the machine guns.  Otherwise, the rest of, Read More

Insurgent Chapter 5.1

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When the phone rang, Rebecca sat up instantly, dropping the paperback she’d been reading to the floor. The phone rang? The house phone hadn’t rung since January: lines had been down across the state, and if her father hadn’t bought one of those expensive satellite phones they’d have been completely cut off from the, Read More

Insurgent Chapter 4.4

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As the line of humvees pulled into the town, Turville thought that Whitesville looked considerably better when they weren’t being shot at. That wasn’t likely at this point. First squad had already split off from the column and begun setting up the TCP, or tactical check point—a fancy term for road-block—two hundred meters before, Read More