Insurgent Chapter 4.1

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“So what is your assessment?” asked Al Clark. At the moment, Clark sat at the small conference table in the Governor’s office, next to a window overlooking downtown Charleston. Valerie sat at his right hand. Only a few days had passed since their release from the federal lockup, and she was still unusually quiet., Read More

Goals, goals, goals

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I’ve set myself a goal of 500 words (minimum) per day between now and the end of the year.  Given the employment situation in 2009 (or lack thereof) followed by sale of our house, 4 moves, new career, blah blah blah, it’s been really tough to get myself back into the discipline I used, Read More

50 Reviews

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Republic finally hit 50 reviews on just the other day.  I’m not sure why this feels like a milestone to me, but oddly enough it does.  The book’s been out for three years, and seems to be selling better now than it ever has before.  This is a good thing. And while not, Read More

Updates to Insurgent

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Latest chapters of Insurgent are up. You can check it out at The Next Read.

Insurgent Chapter 3

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Brigadier General Tom Murphy stood in the sunlight near the helicopter pad on the roof of the Governor’s mansion, chilled by the arctic wind and trying to absorb a little sunlight to offset it. Though his temples had gone grey in the last year, Tom still looked young. His narrow face was clean-shaven, and, Read More