Or so says Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfield, who says that if the inspectors give Iraq a clean bill-of-health, “What it would prove would be that the inspection process had been successfully defeated by the Iraqis. There’s no question but that the Iraqi regime is clever, they’ve spent a lot of time hiding things,, Read More

Time to renew my VFW membership

Posted on November 15, 2002 by

My renewal notice for the VFW came today, and until very recently I’d been planning to bite the bullet and pay for life membership. But I kept thinking about how Max Cleland was beat out by a non-veteran, pro-war Republican, and how the VFW contributed to that. Here’s my reply. November 15, 2002 Dear, Read More

Another step

Posted on November 14, 2002 by

Another step I finished the second draft of “Murphy’s War” today. Hooray! Now its time to work on the third draft. I’m actually taking a couple of days off from that project to work on brainstorming my next one. What kills me is that I’ve got four or five projects I want to get, Read More

The Missing Candidates

Posted on November 3, 2002 by

A few weeks ago America was inundated with coverage of the Iraqi so-called elections. Everybody rushed off to vote for the one candidate – Saddam. Surprise, he won. The stories were somewhat tongue-in-cheek, and they laughed it up on CNN how they don’t have any democracy in Iraq – and how much better off, Read More