Character Profile: Jim Turville

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  19 years old. Jim Turville has all the luck. He finished basic training just in time for a massive terrorist attack on Washington, DC and the beginning of the second American civil war. But at the time he didn’t know any of that was coming.  In fact, at the time, he was kind of, Read More

So there was this movie…

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Here’s what happened. In 2007 I published a book titled Republic.  And then, in early 2008, I started working on drafts for its sequel, titled Insurgent. I put out some podcast, posted chapters here on the blog, but then due to life (and loss of job) I stalled out for a few years. In 2011, Read More

I wanted to take a few minutes this morning and update folks on what’s been going on. First, I want to say that I’ve been utterly overwhelmed by the responses, many of them very emotional, to Just Remember to Breathe. I’ve been in the indie writing business a long time, and had some decent, Read More

Insurgent finally completed

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Dear friends, It’s taken five years to finish it. But last night, after several rounds of heavy editing, layout and other work, I finally uploaded the files for Insurgent to my printer and to the various ebook sites. So what’s next? First, I want readers to know I’m not finished with the series. There, Read More

Interviews, reviews and more

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I haven’t been posting much lately. That’s because I’ve been insanely busy, both with another move (to Bethesda, MD), a new job, and the release of two novels, Insurgent (coming October 15) and Just Remember to Breathe (ebook released Aug 30, paperback Nov 12).  In short, I’ve been spinning in circles. I did want, Read More

Insurgent (Episode 5) now complete

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It’s finally online. Episode 5, the conclusion to Insurgent, is now online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Smashwords! So what’s next? The completed book is in the hands of my editor, and in a few weeks, as soon as editing is completed, the completed book will be published in paperback and ebook, Read More

Insurgent (Episode 4) released

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Hi all, just wanted to post a note that as of today, Insurgent (Episode Four) has been released! I’m very excited to have it out there, with only one episode left until the story is complete! You can check it out on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Smashwords. Amazon: Kindle Edition Barnes & Noble Smashwords: All, Read More

Cover reveal: Insurgent Episode 4

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Hi all, I’m looking for feedback on a possible cover design for Insurgent Episode 4, which is slated to release sometime about a week from now.  Thoughts? Feedback? Opinions? Charles       And here is option 2:

Insurgent Episode 3 now available

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It’s taken me forever, but Insurgent Episode 3 is now available on Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Smashwords. It’ll be online soon at Sony and Apple and elsewhere. I’ve started work on editing episode 4 and I expect that to be available in about 2 weeks! Watch this space, because in a few days I’ll, Read More

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I’ve uploaded Insurgent episode 3, so it should be showing up available on Amazon and within a day or so! I’ll post links as they come available! (Update: It’s live on Amazon, and Smashwords, all the links are on the main book page, Read More

Proof copy arrived

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So, I’m seriously excited to see it! This is an image of an uncorrected proof of Insurgent. Two months or so in editing and design and the book will be out!

In the Federalist Papers Number 74, Alexander Hamilton made the argument for the President to have the power of the pardon.  While these days it seems to be mostly a political tool, Hamilton’s original argument is of particular interest to me: that in a time of insurrection, the President should have the ability to, Read More