I would never suggest that my friends who are lifelong Republicans abandon their principles. I *do* suggest that the Republican Party already abandoned them, leaving behind those who actually believe in small government, low taxes and national security. I think if you have any doubt about the difference, I would suggest that you -really-, Read More

An old friend of mine recently shared a propaganda post with the tired old theme that there’s no different between political parties, that Democrats and Republicans are the same, that you can’t trust any of them.   I agree that some politicians are untrustworthy. Some are liars. But to suggest that the political parties, Read More

1980-1992 Republicans: Increase the deficit year over year because it’s important for national security and tax cuts. Ends in a major recession   1992 – 2000 Congressional Republicans suddenly become deficit hawks. Even as the White House COMPLETELY ELIMINATES the budget deficit and turns a surplus for the first time since before World War, Read More

I know we’re all supposed to genuflect with our hero-worship of veterans and senior generals etc etc etc, but John Kelly’s latest comments have made me lose respect.   Let’s break this out a little.   The Civil War was, in fact, about not wanting to compromise.   What, exactly, where they unwilling to, Read More

I have a confession to make. I can’t turn off the news. I’ve been politically engaged all my life, on some level or another. I came of age at a time when the prospect of nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union loomed over us all. I remember the Iran-Contra hearings,, Read More

Speaking at American University

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These days it’s impossible to find anyone who supported invading Iraq, but back in 2003 it was a wildly popular idea. This clip is from a conference at American University where I talked about opposition to the war.  

Some thoughts on the latest moves by the Trump administration. 1) Kids (and adults) who are transgender are at higher risk of assault, abuse and murder than just about any other minority in our country 2) Transgender kids are who they are. Most report that their gender identity was fixed at a very young, Read More

It’s only four days in to the new administration, but President Trump has already proved that we have our work cut out for us if we’re going to get through the next four years. Here’s the summary of just a few of his actions in ONLY the first few days, a summary which makes, Read More

In three days, Donald J. Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. It’s difficult for me to describe the level of concern I have. It’s so difficult to describe that I haven’t even tried to write about it. I’ve been glued to the headlines since sometime last spring, watching, Read More

US Capitol

We all do it. Or at least I do occasionally.  That funny thing about the “other” party shows up on Facebook and we pass it along. Whatever you think of Congress, it’s a fact that at one time there was a significant middle in Congress that worked together to get stuff done.  Increasingly though,, Read More

Jose Padilla

Andrew Rosenthal writes in the New York Times yesterday (Tortured Logic) about the unfortunate decision by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, granting immunity to John Woo, a former Bush administration official, for his actions which lead to the torture and abuse of Jose Padilla. Rosenthal correctly calls the judgment what it is: nonsense., Read More

A few minutes ago I was driving back from work and pulled up behind a car – I think it was a fairly new Mustang – with a license plate reading “I1ULOST.” I don’t think it’s fair to say that I felt angry.  Just that I felt a pulsing twitch in my left eyebrow,, Read More