Insurgent Chapter 1.2

Posted on October 15, 2010 by

“General, we just got a call from Second Brigade. Seems that one of our relief patrols was ambushed in Boone County.” Brigadier General Tom Murphy looked up from the report he’d been reading.  His aide-de-camp, Lieutenant Aaron Thrasher, stood in the door. Thrasher was a tall man in his early twenties with an immaculate, Read More

Insurgent Chapter 1.1

Posted on October 7, 2010 by

Lieutenant Jonathan Blake leaned against the door of his humvee, eyes vacant, and stared out at the pristine snow as the convoy drifted forward. Two feet deep mostly, unplowed; some of the snowdrifts were three or four times that height. Heavy woods and mountains marched on either side of the twisted road, an uninterrupted, Read More

Insurgent Prologue (2)

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When Joe Blankenship was growing up, the steep-roofed cabin had nestled in a clearing halfway up the slope of the mountain, surrounded by lush forest.  The logs had settled over the decades, causing cracks to form in the mortar, which had, in turn, been patched several times over the years. A red-painted door with, Read More

Insurgent Prologue (1)

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She no longer knew how long she had been in the cell. It was a tiny cage, not much bigger than the bathroom in the apartment she could barely remember. This was nothing like that bathroom. In fact, it was nothing like anything she’d ever imagined, even in her darkest nightmares. The walls received, Read More