First review of Episode 1 now in

Posted on February 6, 2012 by

Happy to see the first review of Episode 1 is now in! Head on over to to check it out at  “As soon as Episode 2 is available I shall be buying it” That will be in just a few weeks.  Working on the final rewrites and getting feedback from beta readers, Read More

Episode 2 is now with the beta readers, and i’m awaiting feedback.  It weighs in at 40,000 words, about twice as long as Episode 1, and focuses primarily on Valerie Murphy and the machinations between DHS, the WV state government, and the threat posed by the break-in at the Hamilton Biomedical Facility. You can, Read More

Uploaded episode 1

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Episode 1 of Insurgent has been uploaded at Amazon and Barnes and Noble and should be available within 24-48 hours! I’ll post links soon as it appears.

So, Episode 1 of Insurgent is back from the editor, and I’ve received a lot of detailed and excellent feedback from beta readers.  Working through the changes now, and I expect to release it for Kindle and other ebook readers by Christmas. A few more people have contacted me about being beta readers, but, Read More

Episodes and Beta Readers

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Okay, so it’s finally time. Over the course of the next few months, starting in late November, I’ll be releasing Insurgent as six short episodic ebooks. Once the final episode is released, will be going to print with the dead tree version of the book, as well as a consolidated ebook. I’m excited to, Read More

Update on Insurgent

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Just wanted to post a quick update that I’m hard at work on the second draft and expect to have that completed by the end of July or early in August.

What’s up with Insurgent?

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Just wanted to post a quick update to let folks know what is happening with progress on Insurgent. As of this week, I’m about 70,000 words into the first draft, and the basic framework for the novel is complete. I’ve got quite a few gaps to go back and fill in, and some changes, Read More

So here’s what happened. Way back in January 2008, I hit a brainstorm. My thought at the time was: I’m a really obscure writer, with what I think is a great idea for a book.  Can’t get many people to buy it?  I’ll just give it away! At the time, this was a fairly novel idea,, Read More

The good news is, since the beginning of January I’ve gone from being 1/3 complete on Insurgent to 2/3rd complete… nearly 30,000 words written in the last 5 days.  It’s exciting to be moving along this quickly, and now there is no question that I’ll have the first draft completed in the next few, Read More

50 Reviews

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Republic finally hit 50 reviews on just the other day.  I’m not sure why this feels like a milestone to me, but oddly enough it does.  The book’s been out for three years, and seems to be selling better now than it ever has before.  This is a good thing. And while not, Read More

Updates to Insurgent

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Latest chapters of Insurgent are up. You can check it out at The Next Read.

I’ve never been one for New Years resolutions.  Quit smoking? Yeah, right.  However, a New Years action I can deal with.  Here’s the plan: starting today, I’m going to be giving away the ebook version of Republic for free. No more sample chapters, partial books that end in the middle, none of that. You can, Read More