As usual, the hajis didn’t cooperate (Dylan) Previous Chapters/Contents When we finished breakfast, Alex said, “I think I want to let you guys go off and play together, and I’m going to pick my sister up.” I looked at her, curiously, and said, “You’re sure?” She smiled and leaned close, then said, “Go have, Read More

We call him Weed (Alex)

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We call him Weed (Alex) Previous Chapters/Contents When the alarm went off on Saturday morning, I groaned and rolled over, rubbing my palm across Dylan’s bare chest, feeling the bunched muscles. I slowly opened my eyes, just in time to see him reaching out with his right hand, which was still bound in a, Read More

Screw the rules (Dylan)

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Screw the rules (Dylan) Previous Chapters/Contents Before the long, long night at the emergency room was over, I tried twice more to send Alex home. She refused to go. Instead, during the hours I was waiting for treatment, she lay curled up on the chair next to me, her head resting in my lap, Read More

    So, now that you’ve mentioned the pill (Alex) Previous Chapters/Contents “Okay,” I said.  “Then I’ll talk about whatever you want to talk about.” I couldn’t seem to stop holding Dylan. My hands were gripped around his waist, and I could feel the hard muscle of his abdominal muscles under them. There was, Read More

Worth fighting for (Dylan)

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Worth fighting for (Dylan) Previous Chapters/Contents So, next thing I knew the four of us were crammed into the backseat of a taxi, on our way to the VA hospital all the way down on the Lower East Side. I was all the way over the left side of the seat, with Alex somehow, Read More

Previous Chapters/Contents Um, yeah. I better see a doctor (Alex) “What the hell?” Kelly asked when Dylan pushed away from us and almost ran for the door. “I don’t know!” I said, my voice rising into a near wail. What was wrong? What had I done? “Go after him, Alex. Don’t let him go, Read More

Flowers from Afghanistan (Dylan)

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Previous Chapters/Contents Flowers from Afghanistan (Dylan) Bad idea, I thought. Really bad idea. First of all, it was a Saturday night, and I was walking to Alex’s dorm room to meet her and pick her up for our non-date. We were going to a bar, where people would be drinking, and loud, and obnoxious,, Read More

Previous Chapters/Contents I don’t understand either one of you (Alex) “Alex, I need your help,” Kelly said the moment I walked into the room. “Hey there. What’s up?” I asked, setting my bag down next to the bed. I settled in on the bed, curling around one of my pillow. She looked at me,, Read More

Run Away Fast (Dylan)

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Previous Chapters/Contents Run Away Fast (Dylan) Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that we’d crossed a line here, and I didn’t know how to go back. Both of us had more or less admitted that we still loved each other. Both of us were so screwed up I hardly knew what to think, Read More

Just remember to breathe (Alex)

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Previous Chapters/Contents Just remember to breathe (Alex) The alarm starting ringing at an ungodly hour. As in, before six in the morning. I hadn’t seen that early in the morning since high school, and I’d been perfectly happy that way. Kelly, across the room from me, muttered, “Oh my god, what the hell is, Read More

A little hair of the dog (Alex)

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Previous Chapters/Contents A little hair of the dog (Alex) Dylan and I had settled into a bit of a routine. We were both on the same schedule, work study with Doctor Forrester on Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 3 pm until 6. We were making a lot of progress, and had categorized most of Forrester’s, Read More

Previous Chapters/Contents No pepper spray in the bar (Alex) “I don’t know, Kelly. I’m not sure I’m up for it.” Kelly rolled her eyes at me while she was shimmying herself into a sheer halter which would take a can-opener to remove, then said, “Alex: it’s the first Friday back in school. We are, Read More