A Bad Idea (Dylan)

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  Sample Chapter from Just Remember to Breathe Coming here was a bad idea. If I could go back up the chain of “if-only’s” back to the source, I suppose the reason I was starting as a student at Columbia University is because one day when I was twelve Billy Naughton gave me a beer., Read More

This is first draft material from a story I’m working on during a two week hiatus before I start editing Insurgent. It’s a departure for me, because it falls under the “new adult” genre.You can find the beginning of the story, discussion of what NA books are, and contents of the story, here. Broken Hearts, Read More

I haven’t been posting here on the blog in the last couple weeks. The reason why is simple: I’ve been crazy mad writing my books.  This morning I finished the climax of Insurgent, and when I stop sniffling and crying, I’ll get the the epilogue, probably tomorrow. In short, things are going well.

Coming Soon!

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So, this summer I’m participating in a blog hop with the group Indie Writers Unite. It’s a chance to introduce you to a bunch of fantastic writers. Also prizes, free books, Amazon gift cards, a couple of free Kindle Fire’s and more. Will post more details soon!

In the Federalist Papers Number 74, Alexander Hamilton made the argument for the President to have the power of the pardon.  While these days it seems to be mostly a political tool, Hamilton’s original argument is of particular interest to me: that in a time of insurrection, the President should have the ability to, Read More

Just a quick preview from Episode 3, which is currently out with beta readers.  This isn’t final, obviously, since we’ll be going through revisions and more editing, etc. But, anyway, here it is: =========== Turville’s mind was still outside, holding Rebecca, when he walked into the base camp.  He barely noticed when he walked, Read More

Episode 4 in the works

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So, as I posted last week, Insurgent episode 3 is now in the hands of beta readers, which means it will be out some time in July, probably late in the month. In the meantime I’m on a roll, and I’ve written the first fifth or so of Episode 4. Hoping to get this, Read More